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Vietnam 2019

Travelling has always been a part of life that I wanted to discover. This desire made me decide to travel miles away from Australia to Vietnam – a decision that is without an ounce of doubt one of the best I have ever made. My trip to Danang, Vietnam began on the 29th of July 2019. This two week trip was everything more than I had expected!

Being with people from all over the world not only taught me more about cultural differences but also how diverse our world is! These two weeks were intensely packed with classes and activities which made the trip wonderfully worthwhile. During the first week we went on a city tour to the famous Dragon Bridge, Marble Mountain, Hai Van Pass and the Old Buddha Sanctuary. Seeing these I was amazed at the amount of beauty hidden in Vietnam. To add to my delight, we took part in cooking classes and experienced the vast Vietnamese food culture (I can finally make their Vietnamese rolls, yaay).

A Few of the amazing places: My Khe Beach, one of the main tourist attractions in Danang. Hoi An, packed with colourful ancient night markets all lit up with traditional lanterns, fairy lights and street vendors bargaining to earn their extra bit. The Pottery village in Hoi An, all dedicated to hand made potteries giving that village a rustic ambience.

It was a delight to be in a world full of calmness, living away from the rapid, racing lifestyle that’s very common back at home. I observed how people strongly upheld their roots and traditions that were decades old. Overall, this city that is so full of artistry and tradition is a place worth visiting! Meeting the amazing people around the world makes it even more meaningful. Looking forward to more of such great experiences!

Ashna Muntaza

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