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Hej Copenhagen!

Copenhagen has heaps to do every day of the week– this has been so refreshing after coming from Sydney. There are events on for every hour of the day, and countless museums, parks, bridges, monuments, bakeries, flea markets, art festivals and restaurants to go to. I’ve been here for exactly one month, and I have lists of things I’d like to check out still. When I landed in January, the 0 degree weather was quite a shock. There was snow outside my window. Since then, the days have been getting longer and warmer. On sunny days like today, everyone comes outside, filling the bike lanes and streets and parks.

I’m studying Graphic Design at DMJX, a small school that not many have heard of and is located a little far from the city. My class is extremely close and feels more like a family or an office than a classroom. We spend 9am-2pm every day in the same room with the same 24 students – 4 exchange students, and 20 Danes who are slightly older than your average 2nd year students at UTS (around ages 25-35). All the locals are extremely dedicated to real world design clients and projects, they all have loads of experience and are generally passionate about it. At the moment we are all working on illustrating a card game for a client to help pay for our study excursion to Barcelona in May!

I have luckily met (by chance) other exchange students outside of DMJX, who go to the University of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Business School. Instead of student accommodation, I chose to find my own shared apartment in Osterbro (using the flatmates website called blogportal). It’s closer to the university than the student housing that was offered.  I can’t recommend getting a bike enough, even if you are as scared and inexperienced as I was. You’ll feel like a proper Dane, and save so much money on public transport here. I’ve also learned that Danish people are very trusting. If bikes are locked its only to their back wheel, babies are left in bike prams outside while parents are inside. Copenhagen feels extremely safe, even walking home in the early hours of the morning.

Lauren Oliviero
Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication
Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX)

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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