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Silly in Tilly!

I’ve been here for two months now and can honestly say it’s been one of the best experiences of my life! The city is bigger than expected – lots of shops, cafes and bars. More importantly, the people you will meet and the experiences you will have are larger than life. I live at Verbs, Tilburg’s main form of student housing, which is incredibly hard to get into because it is the best place to be. If you don’t end up living there – you will end up partying there anyway! I live on a floor with 16 other international students, which predictably has its ups and downs, but has meant that I have a family away from home who I will treasure for life.

Getting used to riding a bike anywhere and everywhere, in all weather conditions (including snow) has certainly been an experience – particularly after nights out!! Definitely a fair few bruises sustained in the first weeks! Now I can safely say I couldn’t imagine getting around any other way.

Academic life has been fairly breezy so far – with only two days of classes of week it has allowed us to travel a lot already. As assignments become due however, it is certainly set to get a lot harder! The teachers and lecturers all have a slightly different style which has been something to adjust to, but it helps that we can already speak English as a first language.

The introductory weeks at Tilburg were a lot of fun – with themed parties, ice skating, an amazing race around the cities of the Netherlands, and…CANTUS! One of the downright craziest events I have ever been a party of, but probably the most fun I have ever had. Essentially, over a 1000 people are in a warehouse sitting on long benches with a band singing songs at the front. Every second song would be a Dutch drinking song – and at the end of this everyone in the room has to finish their beer! There is lots of dancing, singing, conga lines, confetti, and beer throwing – making for one insanely fun night!

Essentially, I couldn’t recommend Tilburg enough – it’s just impossible not to have a good time and make incredible memories along the way. I’m headed to Switzerland tomorrow because we found 34 euro return flights – just one example of how easy it is it to cheaply travel from this centrally located little gem of a Southern Dutch city! Tot ziens for now!

Hannah Moon
Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Laws
Tilburg University 
The Netherlands

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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