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Linguistic Field School Peru 2019

Over the winter university break I took part in a Lingusitics program in Peru. This was a fantastic opportunity to visit a country which I had heard so much about. I was to take part in a linguistic project, this involved intensive linguistic studies in Lima and then a trip to a community in the Amazon.

Lima was an amazing city, a mass of people and noises moving, it seemed, at a frantic chaotic pace. In reality everyone but me knew where they were going and I was the only frantic chaotic person. It wasn’t only Uni though, I had the opportunity to visit many markets and vibrant areas such as Mia Flores and Barranco. A highlight was having a drink in a bar frequented by Ernest Hemminway.

I also had the opportunity to go to the amazing Peruvian Desert, which meets the Pacific Ocean in a spectacular collision. After Lima we flew to the Amazon, acclimatising for a few days before heading into the jungle to stay with the Kakataibo people in their community. This was such an amazing experience. We were able to meet such wonderful people, trek in the Amazon, go fishing and finally all go swimming together. A highlight was getting to hold the village monkey.

We were able to show the community a brochure we had produced earlier in Lima. The brochure contained our ideas to enable the local community to better sell their handicrafts to tourists and make an income off this.

After the Amazon it was a flight to the Andes, staying in Cusco. This was remarkably different from the Amazon. The sites in the Sacred Valley were absolutely breathtaking!. Altitude sickness was an issue for me, but it certainly didn’t stop me from enjoying this remarkable place. My trip to Peru certainly changed my perspective on life, travel and other cultures.

Brett Sentance

Global Short Programs Student

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