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Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Hallo uit Tilburg! I’m just at the end of my second month here in Tilburg and LOVING every minute of it.


The standard of work here at Tilburg is much the same as at UTS although many of the law classes have 100% final exams. Most subjects have one lecture/seminar per week and tutorials don’t seem to be too common within the law faculty. The courses are a tad less structured which can be challenging but the content is very interesting and I’m doing lots of social science based law subjects which are not available at UTS, e.g. History & Theory of International Law.


I truly think the Netherlands is the perfect country for exchange – its central location makes it the perfect base for weekend travel throughout Europe (how can you say no to 35 euro flights?) and it’s a really beautiful country especially now that Tulip Season has begun!!! Also EVERYONE in the Netherlands speaks perfect English so it’s much easier to do things like apply for your residency permit and open a bank account.

Tilburg itself is very chill and much prettier than I was expecting. It’s quite a small student town but still big enough to have a bunch of bars and clubs and plenty of shopping options. Most importantly, it’s close to Eindhoven Airport which makes it very convenient for travel. At 2 months in, I’ve already travelled to Belgium, Paris, Cologne and Poland with upcoming trips to Iceland and Scotland in the next couple of weeks!


To affirm every Tilburg blog post you will ever read, live at Verbs! I was very hesitant about the idea of sharing common spaces like bathrooms/showers/kitchens with so many people (either 6 or 17, depending on your floor) but I was really surprised at how easy it was once I got here. It’s also an amazing way to meet and get to know other international students – I share my floor with students from Chile, Finland, Sweden, Brazil and the US.

I  found the 6 person floor perfect for me – all my friends are close by and I can hang out with them upstairs but I can also retreat to my own (quieter) level when I need a night in.

PRO TIP: since rooms at Verbs sell out within minutes, don’t worry about selecting a particular level/room and make sure you skip through a few pages, because everyone will be clicking rooms on the first available page.

Don’t worry, if you can’t get a place at Verbs there are lots of other student housing options plus you’ll be partying at Verbs every week anyway so you won’t be missing out!



The orientation program was organised by the student association, IESN, and while it was very hectic, it was also lots of fun and there were great opportunities to meet new people and make friends from all over the world. The program contained activities like ice skating, city tours and city races during the day and each night ended in a huge party at Carpe – the student night club.

In Rotterdam during the IESN City Race

 So ultimately, if you’re looking for a host university where you’ll make a tonne of friends, travel a heap and experience a really cool student lifestyle, Tilburg is the place for you. I just have one complaint: the coffee is TERRIBLE everywhere!!

Clare Giugni
Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Communication
Tilburg University 
The Netherlands

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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