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Korea University, South Korea

Hello aspiring students wanting to study in Korea for exchange,

I am currently studying at Korea University for one year. The facilities here are so awesome! The campus especially during the January to February period is beautiful because of the snow. The teaching style differs to UTS as there are no 3000 word essays to write and out of the 400 to 450 marks total 10% can be awarded from participation or attendance throughout the semester. There are some subjects that only require you to do multiple choice or true/false questions for the mid-term or final exam. Although the subjects are set out as lectures then followed by a discussion period unlike UTS there are no tutorials. Majority of the classes are on either Monday/Wednesday slot or Tuesday/Thursday slots with some minorities on Fridays’. For my restricted electives I am currently studying Interpersonal Communications, Media Technology, Understanding Advertising and Marketing Management which are all very interesting and very different to what I have studied before, so I am happy to take this challenge on board for 2019. For my free electives I am doing Advanced Korean which is a little challenging as this class requires academic and advanced knowledge of Korean words, but I only have ability to have every day conversations rather than trying to professionally demonstrate an academic presentation.

Life in Seoul is very busy and hectic. Almost everyday I am outside and never at home because I’m always doing something! The orientation program at Korea University is exceptionally good as it was organised and the KUBA (Korea University Buddy Assistance) were very helpful and kind to the exchange students. They also spoke very good English. Currently I’m not staying on-campus but I found my own place by looking through the website Come and Stay and found a sharehouse to live in. A new sport and activity I have taken up is Pilates and attending acting school.

My number one tip in Korea is to stay away from strangers who come up to you randomly out of the blue trying to start a conversation going. Most of them will be associated with cults and it already happened to me twice, mostly the scenarios consisted of them trying to create a webdrama with your help or something about meeting you was “fate” and meant to be and that your luck is currently blocked which needs to be unleashed by attending some sort of event. NEVER fall for these!

I really hope you all have a good time in Korea if you do end up studying in Seoul! 🙂

Patricia Kim
Bachelor of Music and Sound Design
Korea University
South Korea

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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