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Nether-leaving Tilburg!

Hello from Tilburg, the small town in the south of the Netherlands that I have called home for the past seven weeks. I live in student accommodation called Verbs that I would highly recommend to anybody looking to study here. They are two buildings situated side by side, both containing five floors with seventeen students on each floor. Whilst that may sound like a mess-ridden nightmare to some, it is so much fun, as you immediately develop a family like feel with the people you share your floor with. My floor includes three Australians, including two students also from UTS (couldnโ€™t escape them!), as well as Spaniards, Americans, Peruvians, South Koreans, Canadians, Hungarians and Taiwanese.

The teaching style here is quite similar to UTS, with greater emphasis on lectures and only occasional tutorials, however it does depend on the type of subjects you are studying. I am mostly studying EU focused law subjects, which have provided an interesting twist on what I learn back home.

Life in Tilburg is very different to back home. We ride our bicycles everywhere, which is a lot of fun, although we had one week of snow which made staying upright much more difficult. The intro week that Tilburg University arranged for us was an incredible week of fun. We did pub-crawls, a tour of the city, we met our Dutch mentors who provide us with answers whenever we need, and most importantly of all we did a Cantus. Cantus is like a Dutch Oktoberfest, where over a thousand people were packed into a massive hall for a few hours, with a live band playing classic covers of both Dutch songs and rock classics like Hey Jude and Sweet Caroline. At the end of each song we were all then required to down our drink. That night was definitely one of the highlights of my trip so far, and a must do experience for anybody on exchange in the Netherlands.

The other great aspect of being on exchange in the Netherlands is the ease at which you can travel to different parts of Europe. Already I have been around the UK before I arrived in Tilburg, and since being here I have been to Germany twice, Prague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. On top of that I have upcoming trips planned to Switzerland, Iceland, Italy, and Berlin. As somebody who had hardly been to Europe before coming here, this has been an incredible eye-opening feature of living and studying in Tilburg.

Jack Bresnahan
Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Laws
Tilburg University
The Netherlands

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:๏ปฟ

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