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TU Delft, The Netherlands

Hey there!

My name is Alex and I’m currently doing a semester of exchange at TU Delft where I’m studying my masters in Architecture. The Netherlands have been one heck of a ride and a bit of a learning curve but it’s been absolutely incredible so far!

I’m living on campus, practically next door to my faculty building which makes the morning sleep ins nice and easy. I’ve found TU Delft quite challenging as it is ranked in the top 3 universities in the world for architecture, so it’s needless to say that every student and academic here is so incredibly talented. I’ve quickly become accustomed to the infamous directness of the Dutch, but I’ve come to appreciate their to the point and no fuss honesty, in saying that, all of the Delft students I’ve met have been super helpful in showing me how the machinery and 3D printers work. Our faculty is centered around this amazing modelling hall with CNC machines, robot arms, wood working machinery and wet areas for concrete casting… its essentially every architect’s dream. I’ve definitely noticed that there is more of a focus on the group work and shared teaching experiences…you’re forced to work with other people and the amazing facilities actually make you want to work. Social life is also really important and the whole university flocks to the architecture pub also located within our building. The atmosphere is always buzzing and the whole faculty never stops and even if you don’t have class there is an internationally renowned architect giving a talk, or a workshop, or a group of students having beers.

The work culture within the university is way more healthy than Australia as the building closes at 10pm and on weekends so it forces you to make the most of your day and gives you free weekends. I’ve found this schedule really helpful in giving me free weekends to travel around Netherlands, Germany and next week I’ll be off to Paris! The courses I’m studying have also allowed me to travel – being quite central to Europe, we go on tours and study trips to see some of the world’s best architecture. In Australia we simply had to read it from a book so it’s been great to actively engage with architecture.

Alexander Galego
Master of Architecture
TU Delft
The Netherlands

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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