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Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Why Copenhagen? Without doubt the first question I get asked. From friends, family, colleagues, classmates… and I’m only now able to start to answer that well.

I had been studying an MBA at UTS part-time for three years while working in advertising full-time. With four subjects to go, I started thinking about how I could finish it off in one semester rather than take another 12 months.

Then I thought, why not just study full-time and move to another country?

Copenhagen was top of my list for a few reasons at the start. First, it’s a long way away (I really didn’t want to go up the road). Then, there’s all the Danish design that I’d seen for years (which is immediately noticeable when you arrive). And, my company had an office in Copenhagen so I hoped I could transfer and work part-time (that worked out).

So now I’m here, typing on a Danish keyboard (æ, ø) and taking Vitamin D supplements.

I’ve had a great time at Copenhagen Business School so far. CBS is a 15 minute bike ride from the centre of the city with buildings spread throughout Frederiksberg. My classes are in both the modern Solbjerg Plads building (the main CBS building) and Graduate House. The subjects I’m taking are Sport Economics, Consumer Culture and Communication, Customer and Firm Profitability and Luxury Management and Marketing. The classes are very similar to seminars at UTS. There is some interaction between the lecturer and students but it isn’t an intimate tutorial setting. The assessment structure is very different though. Each of my subjects has one ‘exam’ which is a take home assignment that you submit and then talk through with the lecturer.

I’m living at Basecamp in a room across the road from the National Gallery. Everything is close by bike, which is the only way I get around, even when transporting bedding. And even though it is cold, it’s entirely bearable. In fact, the other day it got to 8 degrees and Danes conquered every inch of sunlight for a dose of UV.

After a week of Danish, I appreciate all too well how difficult the language is. The vowels are almost physically impossible. But I do recommend A Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. I read it before I arrived and though it did nothing for my Danish it did give me a good introduction to some of the cultural oddities of Scandinavia.

So, why Copenhagen? It’s calm without feeling quiet, Danes have life pretty much worked out, you’re close to everything in Europe, it’s outrageously beautiful, Copenhagen is a long way from Sydney and the university experience is fantastic.

John Dawson
Master of Business Administration
Copenhagen Business School

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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