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Yonsei University, South Korea

South Korea is the country I’ve always wanted to visit and explore, not only because of the culture, but also because of the history. Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and Yonsei University (Sinchon campus) is located in western Seoul, a student-orientated area with Ewha Women’s, Sogang, Hongik, and Kyunggi Universities located nearby. I would recommend exploring the close area around Yonsei University, such as Sinchon, Hongdae and Edae, there are endless streets of restaurants, bars, street food, cafes, karaoke places and so on, so much to explore! Also, unlike Sydney, pretty much every store closes very late in Seoul, so don’t forget to enjoy your nightlife in Seoul!

It’s been three weeks since the semester started. In the first week, there was an orientation held for international students, it provided really useful information, such as school facilities, introducing campus, library services, student clubs and so on. Some of the information was also included in the handbook they provided during the orientation. I would highly recommend joining clubs, such as mentor club or language exchange club, it is a great opportunity to get to meet local Korean students and make friends!

In terms of the facilities, there are two libraries, SO MANY cafeterias and a large student centre which is called Student Union Centre. I personally often go to Student Union Centre, in this building, there are large dining halls, a convenient store, Health Service Centre, a barbershop, a hair salon, a bank, a post office, a shoe repair, a print on demand centre and an optometrist. Also, The Commons, which is an underground facility housing a book store, a souvenir store, a stationery store, Starbucks, a bakery and snack shops. Basically, you can find everything you need on campus.

In terms of teaching, it is quite different from UTS. From the classes I did and what I have experienced so far, firstly, I feel like they don’t really distinguish lectures and tutorials, the professor who is teaching you takes the role of both tutoring and lecturing. Also, there is no mid-term break, which is kind of sad, because we won’t have enough time to prepare for exams or assignments. For me personally, there is one class that interests me the most, Korean language class, because I am always willing to learn a new language. Also, I think learning Korean language and knowing some Korean culture would also help me fit in the society better.


  1. When looking at subjects on Yonsei portal, please be note that exchange students can only do the subjects that with an “O” shown on one of the columns.
  2. If you don’t want to open a Korean bank, using Citibank is a good option. Because there is no international transaction fee when you pay with card, and if you want to get some cash, the ATMs located in most of 7-11 convenient stores don’t charge any extra fees.
  3. Living on campus is a good option, makes my life much easier, because I don’t have to find housing on my own. The location of our dormitory is good, it only takes me 15 minutes walking from the dorm to the classroom. Also, the price is reasonable and much cheaper than renting an apartment outside. Lastly, there is a resident manager in the lobby available 24/7.

Yuxin Wei (Renee)
Bachelor of Design in Visual communication
Yonsei University
South Korea

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

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