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My most memorable experience in Nepal was not seeing the biggest stupa, nor was it the safari trip or boat ride.. In fact, it wasn’t even building the action project that we went there for in the first place. My most memorable experience was my stay in the villages.

During my stay there I was fortunate able to be a part of a close connected community. They were not just individuals who happen to live in the same village, they were a community who talked to one another and helped each other out. During the time there I hardly touched my phone.

In the morning we would sit on the floor in the kitchen and eat together. Then I would go up to abari house and start the day off with some yoga. After that I would go out and say hi to my host brother who was on his way to school. Then the younger children would come over to join me by the hammock where we would play games together.

Next we would go back to the open classroom and learn about human centered design thinking. We would all snuggle together to stay warm under my scarf.

When it was time to work on our prototype for the action project they would go play by themselves and check up on us every once in a while to see if we needed help.

In the afternoon, the group would go for a walk before it got dark then come back for group activities and bonding time.

At night the children would have to go home and our group would learn Nepalese together at Abari house. After that, we’d split off and I would go back to my host family to have dinner and dance with the family until it was time for bed.

My time at Dhulikhel was very simple, but I felt so comfortable. It is an experience I will never forget. I has taught me to be more grateful for what I have and appreciate the time I have to spend with people more.

Global Short Programs Student

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