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NYC You Have My Heart

This whole experience came about because my two best friends were going to be overseas in January – one on exchange in the Netherlands and the other on a short-term study trip in the Netherlands as well. I knew that if I were to stay at home I would have serious FOMO, but I knew that I needed to complete some credit over summer to stay on track for my degree. After a quick perusal of the BUILD website, I found the perfect solution – six weeks living in Brooklyn and interning in Manhattan.

Central Park

I’ve always loved the idea of living in foreign places for extended periods of time. I believe that you immerse yourself more in the culture and have the opportunity to do things beyond the usual tourist checklist. However, if you were to live a whole lifetime in NYC I doubt you would be able to do and see everything. It really is the city that never sleeps.

The Bushwick Collective

Interning at the international charity CMMB really gave me a taste of what a career in the not-for-profit space would look like. Everyone at the office was extremely kind and helpful, always giving me new projects and teaching me new skills. My fellow interns were also from foreign countries; Hungary, Spain, Nepal, China and India. So I was really lucky to learn about more than just one culture! Also working on the infamous Wall St. was a pretty cool experience.

Federal Hall – what I walked past everyday on my way to work.

The food was also unbelievable. I spent a ridiculous amount of money going around the city and trying anything and everything. But I have no regrets! We were also lucky enough to be in NYC during Restaurant Week which meant we were able to dine at 21 Club, a famous restaurant frequented by celebrities and presidents alike! My favourite food hotspot would have to be Chinatown because most things were incredibly affordable whilst also being delicious. The place I visited most often? World’s Best Cookie Dough. A must do!

I highly recommend a cookie dough stuffed burrito if you have a sweet tooth (we ate it before I could grab a photo)!
The Bagel Store

We also did a lot of random activities – ice skating in central park, watching a Knicks game, visiting museums, catching the Staten Island Ferry, going to the Top of the Rock, watching a Rangers game and even going to a NY Fashion Week After-party!

Stone Street

So if you’re considering interning in NYC, or even just travelling there – I highly recommend!!!

Global Short Programs Student

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