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My summer in Buenos Aires

The start of a new journey always begins with a feeling of apprehension and doubt and, I must say, I wasn’t an exception to the rule. The night before leaving I was already starting to think that a month would be pretty long! How little did I know that this experience was going to change me and make me evolve in ways I wouldn’t have thought of.

After a 17hr flight, I was tired but relieved to finally arrive in Buenos Aires. On my way to the hotel, I found myself dumbstruck by the beauty of the city. Buenos Aires by night is impressive, all the monuments and old edifices were enlightened which gave them a majestic appearance and, with the circulation being surprisingly calm, it seemed that time had stopped. The excitement had replaced the nervousness and I was fully ready for the journey.

The first week I could meet my classmates, our teacher and start the intensive Spanish classes at UCA. I was happy to meet people with the same passion for travel and motivation to learn Spanish. I was also able to make my first steps in the city and immerse myself in the Latin culture. Everything was new and I loved it, I felt alive and was eager to learn more about my surroundings.

As the weeks progressed, so did my understanding of Buenos Aires. People had a different way of apprehending life and its situations, and I tried to adapt myself to this new way of life. I was really proud of the progress we all made in learning Spanish, the hard work was paying off and we were starting to be able to express ourselves and listen to native speakers. Visiting the emblematic places of the city and learning about the person who shaped it was fascinating.


Sooner than expected, the journey came to an end as I enjoyed my last week in Argentina. I was able to learn about myself and others, open my mind to a new culture and make long lasting friendship. This experience made me gain confidence, develop my empathy and shape my future as a global citizen.

Marion Boimond

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