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St Edwards University, United States

Austin, Texas is a very interesting place. Before coming here, I had a picture in my mind of a very Texan town with cowboy boots and big hats, but it’s quite the opposite. There’s interesting and different people everywhere all with a different story, whether they’d grown up here or moved from out of the state. It’s been extremely hot which is kind of nice coming from the cold weather of Sydney, and makes going out a lot more fun. You’ll never get bored here as 6th Street and Rainy St in Downtown are filled with back to back bars to keep you entertained nearly every night of the week if you’re up for it. Rainy Street has transformed houses into bars which is something you’d never see in Sydney, so I found that very interesting.

I haven’t started classes yet, but the college I’m staying at is extremely nice. It’s a fair bit smaller than the University of Texas which is about a 10-minute drive away. Everyone in the city is so excited for football season to start in a couple of weeks. The UT football stadium holds around 100,000 people, so I am very excited to go to the opening home game against USC, should be a lot of fun. One thing I’ve realized is it is so helpful to at least know one or two people in the city before you come, or even friends of friends who can show you around the first time you get there. Meeting people isn’t hard, as everyone is so nice, but it’s really helpful to have a reference point.

Austin also has a wave pool about 20 minutes from Downtown. Some of my American mates took me there the other day which was definitely an experience, topped off with some beers which they brew at the park. I was lucky enough to get invited to Colorado as well with a few boys which was very cool. It just showed the opportunity to travel around as well, as each state in America is very different. The people you become friends with will most likely invite you to other places which you should definitely take advantage of! I’ve already been in the states for a month and time is flying.

Louis Collins
Bachelor of Global Studies
St Edwards University
Austin, Texas
United States

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