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Annyeong from Yonsei, South Korea

It’s been three weeks since I landed in Seoul, South Korea and the change in pace from life back home in Sydney has been a very welcomed change. Prior to leaving Sydney I was extremely anxious, and even regretting my choice to leave, but I can now gladly say that I think so far it’s been very worth it.

Yonsei University is a huge University – from one end of the campus to the other is about a 15-minute walk! It’s a very beautiful University, and the facilities they have sometimes may seem a bit much. For example they have two libraries, several cafeterias/food courts, to even their own hospital and funeral hall. Not to mention, Yonsei is right next to Sinchon (a mini Hongdae in my opinion), a hotspot for students full of restaurants and cafes. From Friday-Sunday they block off the streets and allow only pedestrians, and is also a popular spot for kpop groups and buskers. So far I’ve seen IKON, The Rose and Dreamnote just in passing.

Classes are really fun as well. Depending on the class, there could be 60 students in one classroom! I’m lucky that all my professors are really nice and easygoing, so I’m very happy in my course choices. Undoubtedly you will meet many new people from all around the globe, and I really encourage you to put yourself out there in the first few weeks of class as that’s the best time to meet new people. The facilities/clubs available for Exchange students to help in adjusting with the change is very abundant. There are clubs such as Yonsei Global and Mentors Club to help connect you with local Korean students.

My first week in Seoul consisted of travelling around everyday with the friends I’d made. You’ll be able to eat a lot of new food in Korea. Back in Sydney I frequented KBBQ spots and had my share of bingsoo, but there is so much more to Korean cuisine that isn’t available (at least in abundance) in Sydney. Another great thing about Seoul is that shops are opened late everyday and the streets are well and alive even past 3AM (lock out laws who?).

Kimberly Nguyen
Bachelor of Business
Yonsei University
South Korea

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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