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Uppsala University, Sweden

I have been in Sweden for three weeks and have loved every minute. Uppsala is like no place I have been before. The lifestyle and surroundings are so different to Sydney which, in my opinion, makes it the perfect place to go on Exchange.

Uppsala is a very old town which gives it so much character with its famous cathedral and castle. It is such a nice place to explore or have a coffee by the river. Everyone in Uppsala rides bikes… it is essential to get anywhere which is a cool change up from home.

The student life is unreal. It is very much a student town making it so easy to meet new people. There are thirteen “Nations” which are groups the students join. The nations are the heart of student life in Uppsala and are a great place to socialise. Whether it be having catching up for lunch or fika (coffee and cake) with some mates, having a few beers, or going out on Nation club nights.

I am living in a student housing complex called Flogsta. While the accommodation is quite old, it is the place to be. The majority of exchange students stay in Flogsta making so easy to meet people as soon as you arrive, and there is always something to do. Near Flogsta, there are also forest areas which are great for a bike ride or walk in the summer.

I am studying business subjects as my free electives while on exchange. I study business as home, but the subject fields are different from my major and sub major. The number of contact hours are far less (6 per week for a full-time student), and the subjects are taught differently where much more participation is required. Most of the business subjects are dominated by local Swedes. This is a great benefit as it can be difficult to meet Swedes as your social circles are usually made up on exchange students. I have only had two weeks of classes but have already met so many great Swedish people in my class.

The Swedish culture is very different to Australia and the locals are quite reserved, but still very nice. However, at no stage have I felt out of place. The benefit of also being in Europe and having less contact hours are that there is the ability to do weekend trips to other European cities.

While I have only been in Sweden for three weeks, I could not have asked a better start to my exchange. The friends I have made, and the things I have experienced already have been unrivalled. I can only imagine what I still have to come.

Thomas Hill
Bachelor of Accounting
Uppsala University

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