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Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

When choosing where I wanted to study for a semester and live for almost 5 months, I wasn’t sure what I wanted or what to expect, but the Netherlands and more specifically, Rotterdam, has blown me away with everything I could have wanted and more!

Rotterdam is an amazing city, a perfect blend of modern and traditional aspects. With a breathtaking skyline complete with dazzling bridges and weird & wonderful architecture, the city is very pretty. Complete with great shopping districts, bountiful markets and lots of bars & clubs, there is so much to do. The main mode of transportation is bike and everyone rides, young and old. It is a very fun and easy way to get around and see the picturesque natural sights such as the many lakes, canals and parks.

Erasmus is not only a highly ranked academic university but also great for students, with an amazing campus complete with extensive facilities. Studying at Erasmus is especially beneficial if you are doing an economics related degree, as the School of Economics is one of the best and you have the option to study interesting topics in a completely different and engaging way.

I am living in the Hatta building, which is great student accommodation with apartments mainly for international students. It is located on campus, which is 5 minutes ride to the city. Living in such a great location with lots of international friends makes student life amazing. There is also an abundance of events and parties put on by various student organisations, so you are sure to have the time of your life!

Rotterdam is also in a prime location with very short travel times to most of Europe, so you are able to have plenty of amazing weekends away! Having just spent the weekend in Belgium, I already have plans for Oktoberfest in Munich, and to visit many more cities which are very cheap and quick to get to!

Going on exchange in itself is a terrific experience to broaden your horizon by living in and hence truly experiencing a foreign country. By living in the Netherlands, you can honestly experience the lifestyle and culture more so than a tourist. This makes you really appreciate how strange and awesome the Dutch way of life is! Studying here thusfar I have really found a great balance of traveling, learning and partying, all mixed in with great people and new experiences. I would highly recommend placing this University as your first preference.

Chris Carter
Bachelor of Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The Netherlands

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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