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Aarhus Winter School, Denmark

As I was nearing the completion of my bachelors’ degree, I was reflecting on how I wish I applied for t the opportunity to go on exchange and study in a foreign country. I was excited to discover BUILD exchange and how I could take a short course and embrace a new and exciting cultural experience.

I chose to study at Aarhus University in Denmark. The subject taken over two weeks was ‘Climate Law’ with a focus on the operation of the EU and European climate policies. The classroom environment was small, relaxed and friendly with interesting lecturers. The information was a bit overwhelming for such a short amount of time but everyone was so helpful and supported each other. All other students in the course were Australia so there wasn’t really any cultural diversity between students. However, the university organised Danish activities for us to learn about the culture and Aarhus. Some of these included walking tours of the charming city, welcome breakfast and dinners, tours of ‘Den Gable’ (Old Town), art museums and campus tours. All extra curricular activities were so enjoyable and worth attending!

The city of Aarhus is the second largest in Denmark and extremely charming! Beautiful houses and streets, delicious food markets, cosy botanical gardens and amazing outdoor activities. Some of the highlights include going to the deer park where we were able to feed and pat free-roaming deers and going to Moesgaard Museum where we were able to see one of the famous Bog Bodies and learn about Viking history. Marselisborg Palace was also a highlight! The city was so safe and cosy! Staying  in a suburb with a Danish family through Air bnb truly enhanced the cultural experience. One of the hardest parts was dealing with the weather, with temperatures always being less than 1oC and a light snow, wind or rain nearly everyday. I was blessed to see the sun for two days in a row otherwise it is cloudy every single day in Denmark. The other challenge was the high cost of living. Transportation is expensive, as was food and basically everything in Aarhus and all of Denmark.

Despite the challenges, I would not trade my time in Aarhus for anything. It was a perfect way to complete my final subject for my degree. Exchange is amazing and a great excuse to speed up your course, travel and make new friends! Aarhus will always be of special meaning to me and it is a beautiful charming town. Despite loving this little city, I don’t see myself visiting again as I believe I experienced everything it had to offer! I do believe Denmark and other Scandinavian countries are well worth the visit. Overall, BUILD programs are a great opportunity to do short term exchange courses or internships and enhance your skills while creating unforgettable memories!

– Jasmina

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