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Université Paris-Dauphine, France

Natasya 1


It has been one month since I was away from home in Sydney. I was fortunate enough to visit few cities before embracing Paris as my new home for the rest of year. I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Munich and London to explore the cities and to catch up with few friends. Now that I have been living in Paris for two weeks, there are some experiences I’d like to share.

The University

My host university is Université Paris-Dauphine located in the nice neighbourhood of 16th arrondissement in Paris. On the first week, they welcomed us with many activities. My favourite was when we explored the Latin Quarter district then sat on the riverbank of the Seine watching the sunset. There I met people from around the world who would be my classmates.

I use International Exchange sub-major in my degree in UTS for this exchange semester in Paris. It means that I can choose any business subjects to study. As Université Paris-Dauphine is predominantly a business university, they offer many interesting business subjects to take. P.S. for future students: since Paris is the city for luxury and fashion, it’s probably good idea to use those subjects if you are interested to broaden your knowledge (even for me who have worked in accounting/finance!)

Natasya 2

The City

Ahh Paris! People dream to visit the city at least once in their lifetime. This is my third time and I’m lucky that I’m here now for five months in the 17th arrondissement close to Arc du Triomphe. The area is quite residential yet very charming with many restaurants and boulangeries. I also found that the stereotypical rude Parisians are not entirely true especially if you make the effort of greeting in French and smile :)! And I have met some of the nicest people!

The three things I like the most about the city:

  1. Paris is a beautiful city with many things to see and to do (Yes the Eiffel Tower is pretty, especially at night!). From the great museum like Musée du Louvre and Musée d’Orsay to the beautiful parks like Jardin des Tuileries and Jardin du Luxembourg. Or I can easily spend a day strolling around the neighbourhood like Le Marais or Saint-Germain-des-Prés. If you happen to buy a monthly metro pass, you can also visit some attractions like Château de Versailles and Disneyland.

Natasya 5

  1. The city has an obsession with food. Bread (Yes, those baguettes, croissants and crepes are delicious!) and cheese become part of my daily life. Yes the French food is great. But you can also easily find great food from other countries, such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, etc, as the city is multicultural. Not to forget to spend hours sitting at the Parisian terrace, drinking coffee or wine and having a good long conversation!

Natasya 3

  1. With its proximity to other countries, you can easily board the train to Bruges, Amsterdam or London on the weekend or fly to Spain and Italy in southern Europe or Iceland and Norway in northern Europe. Explore new cities and meeting new people!

Natasya 4

Bonne Journée!

Yossy Natasya
Master of Business Administration
Université Paris-Dauphine

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