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Sophia University, Japan


So this is my first blog about exchange to Sophia uni. Unlike others, the Autumn semester in Japan hasn’t started yet and therefore I’m still in my own country, enjoying the relaxing long holiday.

Looking forward to the exchange life in Japan, I did some research about what I should bring or keep in mind. One thing quite important to remember is that the voltage in Japan is 100 volt, which is different from Australia (240 volt). So if you wish to bring your laptop, camera or any electronics, make sure to check the label on you device or its cord. (see the image below)

Zhou 1

There should have something like ‘input: 100v-240v’, indicates its acceptance range. Bring an voltage converter if your device does not fit.

Other than that, it might be useful to bring a plug adapter (you can get one in Japan of course, but it’s always easier if we prepare first).

The winter in Tokyo is much colder than Sydney, it can drop below 0 degrees. Don’t forget to pack gloves, knit cap and earmuffs if you come during December – February (season in the northern hemisphere is opposite to us)

My friend told me the public transport in Japan is developed very well and trains strictly follow the timetable (it can be accurate into half minute) . I can’t imagine but that’s so cool.

The subjects I’m going to take there will be free electives, which means I can learn something interesting beyond my major. Without knowing what the uni will offer this semester, one subject I’ll definitely take is Japanese. It’s always the best to learn a language when you live in that culture. Currently I only know some basic sentences, but I will work hard to improve during my exchange.

Also, I would like to join some clubs there, dances, anime or cooking. I wish I could make many new friends and get to know their culture.

And I’m planing to eat a LOT of delicious Japanese food / snacks. (get prepared to gain some weight lol)

I’m so excited for the coming exchange!

Dingding zhou
Bachelor of Science in Games Development
Sophia University

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