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University of Economics, Prague – Czech Republic

“Prosim, dam si jedno pivo?” This is the only Czech phrase you need to know and it means “I would like one beer please.”

Ahoy, My name is Tiffany and I am currently studying in the Prague which is the capital of The Czech Republic. After travelling Europe for 6 weeks, I finally reach my new home in Prague and couldn’t be more excited to exploring the oldtown, try Trdelnik (Czech dessert with ice cream) and meet all the other exchange students that are staying at the dorms.

View from the Prague Castle

So why Prague?

Firstly, the host university, University of Economics, has been very helpful with assisting students with settling in to Prague. They even have an active buddy system where they assign each exchange student with a local Czech student buddy who will pick you up from the airport and show you around all the local hotspots in Prague. Speaking of the buddy system, they also hold organised club nights called “Nation2Nation” parties as well as numerous trips around The Czech Republic and other neighbouring countries.

Secondly, Prague is cheap, like really cheap. You will be lucky to spend more than $15AUD on a pint of beer and a meal in this city. So you can expect a very comfortable and social student life throughout the semester.

Clayton 2
4am visits to Charles Bridge

Thirdly, Prague is literally in the centre of Europe, so travelling on weekends becomes extremely easy and inexpensive. You can literally take a bus for 20 euro and be in a new country in 3 hours. Also, Prague is located in the centre of the The Czech Republic so exploring the Czech countryside and little towns just become easy day trips. So far I have travelled to Český Krumlov, a UNESCO Heritage site, and  Pilsen to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery where they made the first pale lager and most popular beer in the Czech Republic . It is also the largest beer exporter in the world so you can understand how iconic this beer is to the Czechs.

Clayton 3
Day trip to Český Krumlov

Honestly though, if you want to go on exchange where English is a second language, living costs are comfortable, food is great and the adventures are abundant, then I highly recommend Prague as the place to study abroad.

Tiffany Clayton
Bachelor of Accounting
University of Economics, Prague
Czech Republic

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