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¡Las Últimas Aventuras! – UDLAP, Mexico

Manera 1
A street in downtown Puebla

Hola a todos,

Aquí estoy en las calles de colores brillantes de mi hogar nuevo. ¡Hay fiestas toda la noche, perros en los techos del barrio y hay fuegos artificiales… todo el tiempo!

(Here I am in the brightly coloured streets of my new home. There are parties all night, dogs on the rooftops of the neighbourhood and fireworks… all the time!)

Despite all the noise I am surrounded by, I am feeling pretty zen and have just signed up for a semester-long vinyasa yoga workshop at UDLAP (la Universidad de las Américas, Puebla).

The weeks at university are busy but the weekends provide time to sight-see and relax. I would like to share with you my latest outdoor adventures: a trip to the river in Las Estacas and a challenging hike up an inactive volcano in Puebla.

Las Estacas

I went on a welcome trip with UDLAP and the Amigos Internacionales (supportive group of local students) to the neighbouring state of Morelos to visit a natural water park se llama ‘Las Estacas’. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos as we were busy doing a raft-building activity (our team won *fist pump*) but here is a picture of the river there.

Manera 2

We had a traditional lunch which included Sopa de Tortilla and a species of cactus and it was a great afternoon of swimming, jumping from rocks and swings and getting to know some of the exchange students at my university.

La Malinche

My roomies and I hiked up an inactive volcano with an elevation of 4 461m last weekend. The day started at 1am and we returned, exhausted, after midday. The views were definitely worth the long trek. I saw (a small patch of) snow for the first time and found out the hard way that my boots were not exactly ideal for the journey.

Manera 3
As the sun hit the side of the mountains
Manera 4
Here we are happy to be descending and escaping the cold!

There is much to do, eat and learn here and the vast and diverse landscape makes for an unforgettable experience. For those considering it as an exchange location, I can tell you that it is very affordable – meaning you can do activities every weekend, eat street food and sign up for language classes, sports and various other activities without breaking the bank.

As this wouldn’t be a blog post about México without some mention of la comida (the food), here is a traditional dish with the three colours of the flag, se llama ‘Chiles en Nogada’:

Manera 5

We ate this in a restaurant which is basically in the house of a Mexican family. I have noticed many signs in Puebla on front gates advertising things like: “Chiles en Nogada, $150 pesos, 2-4pm”. This dish is always the most expensive on the menu as it is seasonal and a delicacy of comida poblano.

¡Saludos chicos!

Clare Manera
Bachelor of Global Studies
UDLAP (Universidad de las Américas, Puebla)



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