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Stockholm University, Sweden

Taken at Stockholm University on our first day of seeing snow

The first day of Spring and there is still a blanket of snow covering the ground. Coming from Australia, where the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees, this has been a completely new and sublime experience. I have been skiing overlooking the city at Hammarby Backen, ice skated in Kungsträdgården, seen an ice hockey match, walked across frozen lakes and engaged in snow ball warfare.

 I recently went on a trip to Swedish Lapland organised by the Stockholm University Student Union which was even more incredible. There the temperatures dropped to below minus 20 degrees. We went husky dog sledding, drove a snow mobile, visited Fjords in Norway, climbed an ice waterfall, witnessed the Aurora Borealis, visited a hotel made completely of Ice and drank Glögg (mulled wine) in a tepee with a fire burning.

Dog sledding in Kiruna, Lapland

I am living in student accommodation called Lappis which is located about a 10 minute walk from Stockholm University. Lappis is surrounded by a beautiful national park where deers freely roam. There are many lakes in the surrounding areas which have been frozen over (enough to walk on) for the duration of my stay here. There is also a neighbouring hobby farm which has horses, goats, giant bunnies, cows and mini pigs. Yet, the train into the city takes approximately 10 minutes. The close proximity of nature and cityscape is characteristic of Stockholm and makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Ice climbing in Abisko, Lapland


The university system is slightly difficult to navigate here as the system is much less centralised than UTS. I am only studying one subject at a time as their credit loads are much higher and their semesters have an A and B period. Only one subject is studied in each period. This allows for more focus on a particular topic… also leaves a lot of time for activities and travel! Stockholm is a really easy city to travel to many other cities in Europe. I have already been to Estonia and Norway and plan to go to Russia, Spain, Italy, France and Eastern Europe later in the semester.

Every day so far has been an adventure and I am so excited for the adventures to come. We are constantly being told how lively the spring and summer are here, so have everything to look forward to. I would highly recommend exchange at Stockholm University to anyone considering it.

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Erica Timmins
Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Arts (Public Communication)
Stockholm University

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