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Stockholm University, Sweden


It’s a sunny -2 degrees in Stockholm today! The days are getting longer and the snow is melting. I think it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung. I’ll be the first to admit that the transition from a scorching Sydney to a snowy Stockholm three months ago was a bitter pill to swallow. Fortunately, I soon discovered Vitamin-D pills and snus, and my journey has been smooth sailing ever since.

Stockholm may be a small city but it never fails to deliver. It oozes a cool vibe that draws you in; fills you with the urge to learn more about this enigmatic place along with the people that populate it. I constantly forget that I’m in a country that speaks another language as all Swedes speak perfect English, tinged with pseudo-American or -English accents. Its bicycle-friendly streets are bustling with art, design and fashion. Known for their Scandinavian minimalism, you can always find a cosy place that has been carefully decorated with lush plants, warm lighting and wooden furniture. This is usually a place to have fika — a coffee and cake break in the afternoon, a lifestyle which I highly advocate.


Wander the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan with grand churches and the royal palace for a snapshot of the city’s history. Catch the metro and admire the colourful T-bana art by Swedish artists. Attend the many free garage rock music gigs held around the city on a weeknight. Lounge in a sauna and leap into a frozen lake. Peruse the high-end Scandinavian boutique stores, get intimidated by the price tag, and proceed to find a killer outfit at one of the many thrift shops. Eat some meatballs with lingonberries — trust me, they’re much better than the ones they have at IKEA.

My time in Stockholm has been nothing short of incredible. Despite the sub-zero weather, this city has been warm and welcoming; not to mention that the new pals I’ve met are some of the most wonderfully weird humans. In a city punctuated with cobbled lanes, colourful buildings and cosy cafes, what more could you ask for?


Louisa Luong
Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Communication (Creative Writing)
Stockholms Universitet




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