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Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark


Life in Aarhus, and in Denmark is best described using the Danish word “Hygge” – it’s a word that can’t be translated in English but is the feeling of cosiness and wholesomeness. The people here are warm and welcoming, despite the reputation that Danish people are stand-offish (they’re not!). If you are easy-going and love to have meaningful conversations over dinner or beer you won’t find it difficult at all. The school also has a film club and a party club, which host a lot of events and is a great way to meet people.


Arkitektskolen Aarhus has been a wonderful experience so far. The way the studio is structured is completely different from UTS. Having your own desk for the semester is one of the nicest changes from UTS, because you get to know your peers who sit around you really well and everyone respects the studio space. It becomes a really healthy environment to work in, although I’ve spent a lot of time just chatting with my friends so it may not be the most productive.


At the moment my project is to design a theatre on the site of the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens, Greece. As part of the project the whole studio went on a week tour of Athens, visiting all of the ancient ruins. It was my first time in Greece and it was so lovely, especially escaping the cold winter (it snowed in Aarhus for a week) for a much milder and sunnier climate. On the Saturday after the tour myself and some friends rented scooters and scooted around an island just off the mainland.


The food in Greece was so amazing and cheap, unfortunately it is Aarhus extremely expensive to eat out if you’re on a student budget.  However, there are some great places to eat. 20 Kroner ($4AUD) salads from a deli called Kloster Gront, is the main diet of students from the architecture school, as well as cinnamon scrolls from the bakery Nummer 24. You will definitely run into other architecture students at these places.

Umi Graham
Bachelor of Design in Architecture
Arkitektskolen Aarhus

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