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Hoi from Netherlands!

It’s hard to believe two months have gone by since I said goodbye to my parents, friends and my home before embarking on my journey up north. I have settled into my new home in Delft, and embracing life to the full in Netherlands!

As a Masters Civil Engineering student who also works full-time in the water and wastewater field, choosing TU Delft was a very easy choice as the university has an outstanding reputation in my field. It was just a matter of hoping to be selected. I am slightly older than the average UTS student that goes on exchange, so it was a bit daunting to sign up for an exchange, especially as I had to put my career on hold for six months. But so far, I have absolutely no regrets and I am thoroughly enjoying this experience!

Outside the TU Delft Library. I am in the background.

The university does throw an awesome orientation week; from my experience it’s in a different league to those hosted at universities back home. There are so many fun events such as campus rallies, pub crawls and BBQ’s. The Exchange Student Network (ESN) is also extremely active here, and have plenty of events including day trips to other cities, including to neighbouring countries. If you so wish, your social calendar can be full.

Orientation Week at TU Delft. I am on the far left.

The accommodation I am in is clean and spacious, so overall I am happy. It was arranged through the university via private supplier DUWO. You basically have this option, or you can choose to look at private options by yourself. I tried to do the latter at first, but in the end I gave up since I had difficulties arranging it from Australia. If you are going with DUWO, I really recommend paying early so you have the best chance to lock down a nicer place as it is on a first paid, first served basis. Prices will vary based on the place, location and the living situation. Typical options are:

  • Studio by yourself
  • Bedroom with ensuite for yourself, share the kitchen with 2 -6 students
  • Bedroom by yourself, share the bathroom and kitchen with 2-3 students
Budapest at Night

I must admit the workload at this university is substantially higher than at UTS, with more emphasis on group work and self learning. Exams also look a bit tougher, so be prepared!

Therefore, I would advise trying to do a fair bit of travelling before and after the semester, as the university semester will likely keep you busy. I spent three weeks travelling before starting at Delft, and plan to stay back for a month after.

In saying that, if you are motivated and work hard during the week, Europe opens up so many possibilities for weekend getaways! I have been doing this. To manage the workload, prior to leaving Australia I would recommend:

  1. Reading the course outlines properly (Google TU Delft Courses) and try and choose subjects with more individual work rather than group work. Some subjects just have a 100% exam, so if you can study well on your own, those are great. Group work subjects can really eat into your weekends.
  2. Google TU Delft Timetable, type in the relevant course codes and try and set up a good timetable, where ideally you have a day free either side of the weekend.
  3. If you have done the above and are pretty confident with the timetable, it’s a good idea to sign up for budget airline newsletters and then book some trips away before you come. You can get some steals a few months out from the the scheduled date of departure.
Winter Wonderland in Iceland

So far I am having a great time in Delft, and really looking forward to what the semester will bring! If you are interested in coming on exchange to TU Delft, feel free to email me at

Dinuka Ginige
Master of Engineering, Master of Engineering Management
TU Delft

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