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Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark

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Why Denmark? I’ve been hearing that question a lot recently. Apart from the great architecture, the culture has always interested me and here’s some of the things I’ve experienced in my first couple of months of exchange.

The general culture of Denmark is quite laid back and it didn’t feel terribly foreign from what I’m used back home but the Danes have an extra layer of friendliness, most are more than willing to help you out – especially when you are lost in the Copenhagen metro/train station… You only have to ask and they are willing to lend you a hand.

I’m studying in Aarhus which is a smaller city north west of Copenhagen and it is honestly the most adorable place I’ve been to yet; the centre is so easy and nice to walk around and there are so many hidden gems. Even on the colder days there is always something cosy about the city. So far, the architecture school has been great; the tutors know an incredible amount and the studios are a nice environment to be in. The way in which the course is run is different to the way in which Sydney works; there is more time to work through the design, as well as the site study trip to Athens. It is one thing to design on a site but to go to it and experience what is happening in the city that it is in, is a wonderful experience and it is also very easy to fly around Europe.

Up to now, all the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had will definitely be fondly remembered to a long time to come. I have already learnt so much about the culture already and loving exchange, so why not?


Shauna Trengrove
Bachelor of Design in Architecture
Aarhus School of Architecture

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