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Bauhaus University, Germany

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Guten Tag. I’m currently on Global Exchange at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany and have been here for just under 2 weeks now. It’s a small town located 3 hours south of Berlin and is famous for its arts, music and literature culture. Weimar towards the end of the 18th century was the centre of German arts and culture and is also famous as it held one of the biggest concentration camps in Germany called Buchewald.


Bauhaus University has made the experience of moving to a new country an easy transition with many welcoming events including a pub crawl, a trip to the Buchewald concentration camp, Trips to neighbouring cities and many more group activities.

At the moment all the international students are taking part in a three week German intensive course and before our classes start. I’m really looking forwarded to starting my Masters of Architecture here at the Bauhaus after being inspired by all the history that surrounds the city and to collaborate with other international architecture students.


For a small Town the nightlife in Weimar is very fibrate with something different on every night ranging from small Jazz bars to large clubs and everything inbetween. The local beer can be as cheap as 1 Euro and a bratwurst sausage is never to far out of sight for 2 Euro.

At the moment the weather is around –8 to 0 degrees and makes for a interesting walk to university in the morning. When the weather warms up, the city of Weimar comes alive and many locals enjoying playing games in the park and having barbecues. I’m really looking forwarded to the summer here in Weimar.

Lachlan Mclean
Masters of Architecture
Bauhaus University
Weimar, Germany

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