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Bienvenue à Angers! ESSCA School of Management, France

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Do me a favour; close your eyes and imagine the typical French city…Angers is all that and more (I promise).  With the empirical cathedral, the rolling hills of vineyards, the old cobblestone streets and the chateaux (castle) that overlooks it all, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re living in a fairy-tale.

To put it simply, the city is gorgeous, and the people even more so.  Angers can be considered a ‘university’ city, with over 30,000 students descending on the city each semester out of a population of only 160,000.  And with all those university students, I can promise there’s always fun to be had in the (seemingly) endless list of bars and clubs across the city.

But we’re here to study of course, and that’s where ESSCA comes in.  Specialising in business, the university is quite small which makes for a very unique and diverse experience to that of UTS.  Being a European university it has also given me the opportunity to study courses that are not available in Australia, such as European Economics, which has proved to be incredibly interesting considering the EU’s current state.

Student life is not just limited to the university, however. With basically everyone living in close proximity to the university, the connections between the students are very tight and although it may seem intimidating to make friends initially, the French students are extremely welcoming and encourage your participation in their shenanigans.

I’ve even been lucky enough to join the ESSCA football team, and I write this from France’s version of ‘uni games’ which has been an amazing experience!

If doing weekend trips throughout your exchange is your thing, Europe is perfect for you! It has an incredibly well connected transport network and once you can work out the system, you’ll manage to find some amazing deals.  Everything is also incredibly close too, you can hop on a 2 hour flight and be on the other side of the continent eating different food, speaking a different language and experiencing a different culture.  We even managed to spend 9 days in Morocco during spring break!

For those considering an exchange; do it! I promise you won’t regret it.  Although it’s been difficult at times (especially those incompetent French bureaucracies), the experience is eye opening, life changing and above all, a fantastic challenge.

Emilio 2

Emilio Mattiuzzo
Bachelor of Business
ESSCA School of Management
Angers, France

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