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University of Bern, Switzerland

KING Annabelle 3

I have now been living in Bern for six weeks, and have experienced all the ups and downs of an exchange student – I think. Downs: It’s cold, I don’t speak the language and I miss my friends and my family. Ups: the city is truly magnificent (it has been voted the most instagrammable city in the world), I am constantly making new friends from all over the world and Europe is right at my fingertips. Ups (cnt’d): I live in Switzerland!!! The centre of Europe and have had some beyond amazing trips in the short time I have been here. I will admit the first two weeks were a total blur of jetlag, getting lost and being a bit lonely and homesick. But I quickly found my feet and now feel totally comfortable here.

KING Annabelle 1

The University of Bern is seriously amazing. All my subjects are taught in English, they are super interesting and I am learning things that I had never even thought about before, particularly about law and trade in the European Union. Bern itself is quite small, only 130,000 people live here but it is a World Heritage UNESCO site and it definitely deserves that honour – it is beautiful. I live in student accommodation, which is great because there is always something going on and other exchange students around who are in the same boat as me – here to make some amazing friends, have amazing experiences and do a little study in between.

KING Annabelle 2

So far, I have been skiing in the Swiss Alps (you cant live in Switzerland and not ski!), to London for a weekend, skiing again, to an ice hockey game, to a Swiss Chocolate factory, to Edinburgh for St Patrick’s Day and that is all in the space of about six weeks. Can we just read that sentence again?! I have joined the gym and am imitating my way through Spin classes and Pilates classes taught in German and I am cooking and sharing food with people of so many different backgrounds. Six weeks has disappeared, so no doubt six months will do just the same – my priority now is to travel and experience as much in as possible to make the most of this amazing opportunity. Switzerland, although super expensive, is a truly stunning country and being quite small it means that so many beautiful cities, landscapes, mountains and activities are right at my doorstep.

Annabelle King
Bachelor of Law
University of Bern

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