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Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark


After living here in Aarhus for just over a month, many things have surprised and interested me.

Firstly, how easy and quick it is to travel from Denmark to anywhere in Europe. Cheap airlines like Ryanair offer return flights for often under $100 from a number of airports in Denmark. From Aarhus, I have found Billund Airport to offer a great amount of flights, and only takes 1.5hrs to get there rather than Copenhagen’s 3hrs. I was lucky enough to go on a Study Trip to Florence for a week, costing surprisingly little and taking no time at all.

The main town in Aarhus is really cute, with a number of really stylish/designer shops, interesting bars and delicious food! However, this all does come at a cost, and in Denmark that cost is fairly high! So be prepared to eat in with friends a lot if your planning on lasting the 5 months! Nightlife in Aarhus is very broad, from bars, clubs to a very alternative scene. The Architecture School is very social and holds what they call ‘Friday Bars’ – big parties in the studio every couple months on a Friday that are a lot of fun! Also, the district ‘Godsbanen’ has a lot of interesting music and alternative events happening.


Aarhus is quite an international place, as almost half the people I have met have been from other parts of Scandinavia and elsewhere. Everybody is so nice at the university, very easy to make friends. The university pedagogy is a lot different to UTS in my Unit (Unit E). It is a lot more subjective and ‘free’, with tutors giving much less direction, wanting students to kind of find their own path. We have signifcantly more time to complete our project – for example this semester I am designing a façade, in the same time that I was asked to design a music venue, emergency shelter and terrace at UTS. This allows us to take the project to a completely new degree of detail, and really think about that you’re doing rather than just go go go.

Overall, I have already made some great friends and had some awesome experiences at Aarhus. I would definitely recommend everyone to spend a semester here, just don’t forget your rain jacket!


Jordan Bamford
Bachelor of Design in Architecture
Arkitektskolen Aarhus (Aarhus School of Architecture)

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