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Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


It’s been about almost two months since I came to Copenhagen. I took an exchange in Copenhagen Business School because I have always wanted to come to Northern Europe and study for a semester or two and plus the university is ranked really high on top business schools list.

The university in Denmark is quite different from UTS, the teaching style is mostly composed of seminar-style lecture with fewer students than in UTS lectures. The assessments are only one big exam at the end of the teaching period in the form of essay, both sit-in and home assignment and oral exam (presentation-wise). They also divide their semester into quarters which I find very efficient and convenient for students. That means you are only taking two subjects in one half of the semester and another two in another half. That way students can focus more on the subjects that they are doing. I really hope one day the universities in Australia would follow this model as it really helps a lot and keep students on to good tracks.

I haven’t pick up any new sport while I’m here as the weather isn’t as favourable compared to Sydney and I’ve been travelling quite a lot, mostly during the weekends. T

he one thing I find most surprising about Denmark is that having a beer or two on the street is an okay thing to do and in a café (Nexus Cafe) at the university, I normally see students casually have a beer while discussing their assessment or writing their essay as such. Also, every Thursday the café turns into a nightclub which is weirdly amusing.

I’m taking two subjects related to business and politics about the EU and they are very interesting because I get to know about how things work in Europe and the EU. I also took one management and one marketing course which is really fun as one of the subjects is an online course and I’ve never had an online course before.

Overall, the exchange I’m doing in Denmark has been really “hygge”, a concept of the Danish in describing mostly anything that’s fun, relaxing, cosy, etc. The society is highly well-balanced between work and family life and centers around free time which a lot of Danes enjoy.

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Panha Long
Bachelor of Business
Copenhagen Business School

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