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Ryerson University, Canada

Nathan Phillips Square and Toronto Sign

I’ve been in Canada for two months now and its fantastic. Upon arriving here, the distinct feelings I had were “It’s cold!” and “Actually, no, its freezing!” Quite a change from the Australian summer! Nevertheless, after purchasing a pair of waterproof boots and a very warm coat, I was set to explore this diverse city.

Ryerson University is similar to UTS, although one key difference is that the business subjects focus a lot more on current issues, and Canadian students are never late to class (ever)! Another key difference is that there’s a pond on campus that you can skate on when it’s frozen! And speaking of skating, a typical Thursday night in Toronto involves going to a Ryerson Rams ice hockey game before going to our local bar for some poutine and a drink or two.

Another highlight of exchange so far has been going to Montreal during reading week. It was enchanting to see more of the French influence in Canada than you typically come across in Toronto. In particular, the day trip to Quebec City was extremely scenic and European. Although, it’s important to note that the French influence is apparent in all parts of Canada. It’s very noticeable when attempting to buy groceries as one side of the package is always in French – this takes some getting used to. Montreal itself was also a highlight and I enjoyed visiting Notre Dame and Rue St Paul.

A favourite adventure of mine was also visiting Niagara Falls with a group of friends! We had the best day taking in this awe-inspiring site and finding rainbows in amongst the falls. Hard to believe such natural beauty is only a 2hr bus ride from the bustling city of Toronto.

Lauren and I in Quebec City
Lauren and I in Quebec City

The social life around exchange in Canada is very happening. I’m staying at a student co-op with other exchange students from all around the world and it’s been amazing getting to learn about other cultures from them. And we’ve certainly been infiltrating the group with Australian culture too (there are at least five of us so far!).  With these new friends, I’ve explored the inner city neighbourhoods such as Korea Town, Little Italy, Kensington and Harbourfront, and soon we’ll do a day trip to Niagara Falls. Another thing I’ve done here that I would highly recommend is climbing the CN Tower. On a clear day, you can see all the way to New York. Much like Sydney’s Centre Point Tower, it’s the best view of the city you can possibly get.

CN Tower

I can’t believe how quickly this exchange is going, and how many fantastic friends I’ve made here and I’m so excited for the next few months of exploring and getting to know this wonderful city.

Goodbye and au revoir for now!


Hannah Gibson
Bachelor of Business
Ryerson University

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