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Hi from Eindhoven – Netherlands!


I’ve been in Eindhoven for 3 weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed all that has happened so far. As expected everyone rides bikes and it’s awesome. The city is perfectly set up with bike lanes and racks so even those who aren’t the most experienced at riding can feel comfortable. Although coming from Australia, it did take some getting used to riding on the opposite side of the road. Also take note that bike theft is a thing, so get a good quality bike lock and use it.



The Netherlands is a perfect location for travelling and with cheap flights / train trips there are plenty of options for weekends away. I’ve been to Amsterdam and Rotterdam so far and have planned trips to go to Berlin and Budapest later in the semester. Above are pictures from the ‘Eye’ film museum in Amsterdam, I strongly recommend taking a look when given the chance.

My accommodation at the Student Hotel has been really welcoming. It’s very easy to mingle and make friends since the hotel runs events every week whether that be a pub crawl, movie night, dutch lessons or a party in the lobby. In the first week there was a Carnival event in Eindhoven, but I’d say was more of a 3 day street festival where people get dressed up and drink from 11am till the late hours of the night. Easy to say, it was full of fun.


I’ve just started my Product Design classes and it’s actually been really simple and easy to adapt to the new learning system. Fortunately the uni is only a 5 min bike ride away from my hotel so I don’t have to spend too long in the cold. TU/e uses more of an online approach but the teachers are always available at the uni for help. In this block of the semester I’m studying ‘Creative Electronics’ and ‘Technology for Connectivity.’ So far they’ve been really interesting and have given me a lot of insight into what I want to do in the future.

Scott Brown
Product Design
Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands

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  1. Hey Scott, I’m doing the same course and I’ve just been accepted into Eindhoven, I was wondering what subjects you chose to correspond with the uts timetable? Also, do you recommend Eindhoven as a good uni? 🙂

    • Hi Fotini,

      Many thanks for your comment. This blog post publishes student content and is run by by the UTS Global Exchange team. If you have any questions for the students it is best that you contact your Exchange Officer and they can put you in contact with students who have been there before. Otherwise there is no guarantee that the writers of the blog post will see your comments!

      Alternatively you can join the UTS Global Exchange group on Facebook and put a shout-out to students who have been there before.

      Best wishes,
      The Global Exchange Team

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