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Singapore: Food, Travels and So Much More

Crystal Lu1

I still cannot believe that I have been in Singapore for one and a half months, it feels like I have only arrived in Singapore yesterday! To be honest, I did not even think about going on exchange until a year ago, and Singapore was the first country I had in mind after making my decision of studying abroad. Thanks to Raffaela and other exchange officers, my application process went quite smoothly, and I am really glad that UTS has assisted me in so many ways during the process.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is located in the far west of Singapore, with a huge campus that is pretty much all green, and I was very fascinated with the huge variety of plants on campus on my first day here. I was very lucky to be allocated into Tamarind Hall, which is one of the newest halls in NTU and ended up in a bigger-than-normal double room. Although I did not get a single room which was what I applied for, I was fortunate to get a very nice exchange student as my roommate.

Food is very cheap in Singapore, canteen meals cost around 4-5 SGD each and they are all very delicious. One of the reasons that I chose to come to Singapore was because of the fruits: there are so many cheap exotic fruits in Singapore that you have probably never seen before. Being a ‘durian fanatic’ (as my exchange friends call me), I love visiting Geylang (a red light district in Singapore that has great food) during the weekend for a quick durian fix or when I am craving Yum Cha.

Crystal Lu4
Chili Crab

NTU actually offers buddy programs for exchange students and I signed up for two of them. I found it very helpful to meet local students during the program when I needed recommendations or had any questions about Singapore. Singapore is also a place filled with interesting events – we went to Chinatown to watch Chinese New Year performances and fireworks. It was so fun to experience the celebration here and learn their traditions on CNY.

Crystal Lu5
Chinese New Year

I am doing all electives in NTU and it works out very well for me as there are more choices and less hassle in terms of subject selection. But some of my friends find doing direct equivalent subjects better because they are only pass and fail, so your GPA won’t be affected if you do not do as well. Subjects I am doing are Korean Level 1, Japanese Level 1, Fundamentals of Management and The West in Global History. It very important to submit as many e-requests as possible for subject approval, as a lot of subjects are not offered to exchange students and most elective subjects tend to be full very quickly. I had 8 subjects approved before arriving in Singapore but was only able to enrol into 4 of them as there were a lot of time clashes.

Located in the heart of South-east Asia, Singapore is the perfect gateway to many Asian countries with much cheaper airfares comparing to flights from Sydney. It is so easy to go to another country here in Singapore, even just for a weekend trip! In the past 1.5 months, I have already gotten out of the country three times, one of them being a one-day trip to Johor Bahru (the closest Malaysian country from Singapore).

Crystal Lu7
Bali and Penang

Crystal Lu


Bachelor of Global Studies

Nanyang Technological University


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