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Finally Here In Copenhagen


Hej fra Danmark!

After months of planning and preparing I’ve finally made it to Copenhagen! I’m Ayush and I’m studying at Copenhagen Business School for the final year of my IT degree.  After 3 weeks of being in Copenhagen I have to say I am loving it. All the applications, budgeting and planning has made it worth to live here and experience Denmark.

Experience at Copenhagen Business School

I’m living at a smaller dorm Holger Danskes Vej close to the university and it’s been a blast. The CBS exchange team really tries and integrate you both into the university and the other exchange students. CBS held a program before university of nightly social activities where I met other exchange students and explored both Danish culture and the city. Some of the activities are a Comedy night, Canal tour and a lesson in Danish folk dancing as well as nightly bar outings. This was a great way of meeting people from all over the world as everyone is super social. Meeting locals is a bit harder but the buddy program from the university makes it a bit easier. The buddy program connects you to a local Danish student to help in transitioning and showing us internationals around the city. Because of this I explored the botanical gardens, ate at a world famous burger place and learnt the Danish student way of drinking (anywhere and everywhere).



Denmark has a very high English proficiency so you’ll never be lost on communicating with the locals, but locals do appreciate at least attempting to speak Danish. Cycling is a huge part of the Copenhagen culture – majority of people ride their cycle around the city. I highly recommend buying a second-hand bicycle to get around and ‘immerse’ yourself in the culture. Finally, the weather right now it’s Summer but not by Aussie standards. There are only a couple days in summer where sunlight comes out, the rest is rain so be prepared for riding around in the rain and wet weather.

If you are planning to come to Copenhagen here are a couple things that would help before arriving. First thing, is to make sure you are on top of accommodation process for your university, spots are limited and it’s a pain if you can’t get into a dorm. Denmark is not cheap by any standards, so be prepared, the prices are around Sydney level so quite high. Keeping that in mind make sure you get your groceries at budget stores like Netto and Remo 1000.

That’s it for now I hope this helped and feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.


Ayush Anand Prasad


Bachelor of Information Technology

Copenhagen Business School


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