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Benvenuto a Milano


Ciao! My name is Christina and I am currently on exchange at Bocconi University in Milan and having the time of my life!

After two months of travelling (eating) my way through Europe, I’ve finally settled down into Milan. Milan is an absolutely amazing and vibrant city that offers a perfect fusion between old and modern Italy. Walking through the city you can stumble upon cobble-stone alleyways and thousand-year-old churches and castles, which is contrasted against modern designer stores and bustling restaurants.

Getting around the city is easy as public transportation is very user-friendly in Milan, with trams and metros running every few minutes. I would highly recommend checking out the Duomo (photos will never be able to do it justice), the Navigli area (beautiful canals that are always bustling with nightlife), Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Castello Sforzesco, The Last Supper (yes, it’s located in Milan) and Park Sempione (where surprisingly all the major nightclubs are located).


The people in Milan are super friendly and helpful, and are always extremely proud to share their culture with others. Although many people do speak English, I would highly recommend brushing up on some basic Italian, and even go so far as to enrolling in the Italian Crash Course offered by Bocconi (it’s also a great way to meet other exchange students).

And saving the best to last, FOOD! The food in Milan, as expected with any Italian city, is amazing. There are a tonne of places (particularly around the Navigli area) to get delicious pizza, pasta, gelato, pastries and aperitivo (a must-try Milanese tradition). Furthermore, for the coffee lovers (I’m with you fam!), there is a place to get an espresso on practically every block around the city. A note of warning ‘latte’ means milk in Italian, so make sure you order a ‘caffe latte’, otherwise you’ll be served a cup of hot milk (words from experience). I’d highly recommend having a meal on the La Rinascente rooftop, and also grabbing an Aperol Spritz at the Aperol Terrazza, with both venues boasting amazing views of the Duomo and Milan skyline.


In terms of the university itself, my experience at Bocconi has been fantastic. The university has an extremely well-organised international student desk team, which has made the transition a lot easier. The students are incredibly friendly and approachable, and with over 1,000 exchange students arriving each semester, you’re bound to make a lot of friends.

Bocconi University is also a part of the Erasmus Students Network (ESN), which is essentially a society that organises a tonne of student events for both Bocconi students and other university students in Milan. There is a party, aperitivo or dinner planned for practically every night of the week, and the organisation also arranges weekend trips to places such as Lake Como, Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Oktoberfest (to name a few). Attending the ESN events is a fantastic way to meet other exchange students, and also to explore the nightlife venues in Milan.


Every second of my experience so far has been absolutely wonderful. I have met friends from all around the world, and we’ve shared memories that will last a lifetime. Thank-you to both UTS and Bocconi for the amazing opportunity, and I can’t wait for what Milan has instore for the next 3 months!

Christina Kukec | 12001424 | Bachelor of Business
Bocconi University | Italy


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