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TU Delft


I have been in the Netherlands for just over three weeks and I already feel at home here. TU Delft has been extremely welcoming and the last few weeks have been full of fun events and activities, like no o’week I’ve experienced before. It included parties, BBQs, pub crawls, and visits to landmarks, museums and even trips to the cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. There were also group workshops and presentations aimed at helping you fit into the TU Delft culture and make friends. TU Delft accepted over 2000 international students this year, so there are plenty of enthusiastic people to meet from all over the world.


Choosing to do my exchange in Europe was partly because I knew I would have the opportunity to visit more countries than just the Netherlands. I spent a month prior travelling Greece and Croatia soaking up the warm weather while I had the chance, and making heaps of friends in hostels. After all this travel I couldn’t wait to get to my accommodation, unpack my bag, and settle into the Netherlands, and I’ve already planned my next trip to Oktoberfest in Munich! It’s unbelievably easy to get around and for reasonable prices.

My student accommodation is in The Hague rather than in the uni town of Delft, which means I get to experience the life of one of the country’s biggest cities alongside the experience of the smaller university town of Delft. If you’re not used to biking around, like me when I lived in Sydney, I can assure you it’s one of the best perks you can look forward to here. I have been riding to uni every day that I can and I’m hoping to do so even when the weather gets a little wetter. If you’re concerned about the cold and wet, don’t be, you can be more than adequately equipped here for the cold and it’s nothing that coming into a warm home or pub and having a few drinks can’t fix. The public transport here makes it easy to travel between nearby cities, so you feel like all of the Netherlands is accessible. I would recommend coming to TU Delft because the experiences, the environment and the people have exceeded my expectations, I feel like a local and I’m already researching extending my visa, I may never leave!



Amanda Beck


Masters of Architecture

TU Delft

The Netherlands

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