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The Berlin Experience (so far)


My name is Melissa and I’m currently studying the Masters of Not for Profit and Social Enterprise Management. I’ve just arrived in Berlin to start studying at HTW. Here’s some info from my pre departure and arrival:

 2 months prior

I booked my one-way flight to Berlin from Sydney at the end of July. Although if possible, I would recommend booking your flight as early as possible as moving from Australia, this was one of my biggest expenses and flights are cheaper the earlier you book.

Also, Australians can study from entry to Germany for 3 months. Before this time is up, you will need to apply for a student visa to continue your studies. As you leave Australia, you may be questioned about why you only have a one-way ticket, be sure to have evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself (cash, credit card or bank statement). Please note, you can’t set up a German bank account until you’re living in Germany with a proof of address.

1 month prior 

In August, I received information from HTW about orientation and what to expect in general. The global team were very helpful with answering questions via email. At this point, HTW will offer a buddy to help you upon arrival – I cannot recommend this enough as my buddy was very helpful with getting to the student accommodation and taking care of admin related tasks which are made harder because you can’t speak the language.
1 week prior

I finished up my full time job to give myself enough time to organise my life before making the move overseas.

Note: be sure to obtain an employment separation certificate from your employer to confirm that you’ve left the job.

On arrival 

My buddy met me at the airport and guided me to the student dorm (victor jara), we then met with the Hausmeister who organised my key and showed me to my room. I also requested bed linen which was available for €49.90 (please note, this does not include towels.

Welcome meeting

A very useful meeting where all 150 exchange students from all over the world met for the first time. The meeting didn’t go on for too long but went through everything we needed to know. Plus, there was yummy cake.


Melissa Symons


Masters of Not for Profit & Social Enterprise Management

HTW, Berlin

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