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Berliner Luft


Berlin feels like a collective of smaller cities within the city, with endless parks, galleries, neighbourhoods, repurposed buildings and clubs to explore. I have only been here a few weeks, but it has been a lot of fun exploring the city so far. Each day, Berlin reveals something different and exciting, and it has a powerful way of pulling you into its nightlife. During my first week here, I had the opportunity to visit a Diller Scofidio + Renfro exhibition opening, and saw some of my favourite DJs.


Daytime activities usually consist of food markets, museums, cafes; and while it is still warm – parks, open-air markets, and Tempelhofer Feld are also on the cards. When the evening rolls around, we head into a Späti (late-night cornershop), get ourselves beers, and Berliner Luft, followed by exploring Berlin’s nightlife in the early hours of the morning. In any other cities, the biggest challenge as a student is how to get into clubs for free, but in Berlin, the biggest challenge is how to get in.

It is also my first week of the intensive German course. I have enjoyed spending half a day in class, while the other half is for exploring the city in Autumn. Berlin has so much to offer – the people, its food scene, shops, music, architecture, some with overgrown plants on facades, which are all so unique to the city. The only challenges so far have been adapting to the bureaucracy and lining up for hours to get into clubs, but once you accept that it is all part of the experience, it is certainly worth it.

Patanant Luangsangthong / 11212584

Master of Architecture / TU Berlin

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