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Cycling and hygge in Copenhagen


Hej UTS!

I’ve been living in the happiest place on Earth¹ for three weeks now, and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best experiences of my life!

CBS has an excellent introduction program, starting off with a week of “intensive” Danish crash course lessons (they’re only four hours a day, and you get to hang out with your new friends!) I also opted in for the social package, which had daily night activities for two weeks, and was an excellent opportunity to meet lots of new friends from around the world. Some of the highlights were Danish folk dancing, hygge and smørrebrød night, the lake party, and Danish movie night.

I’m not quite sure why I chose Denmark and Copenhagen Business School (CBS), but I can now say that the best parts of this city are the: people, public transport system, nightlife, built environment, food, education system – basically everything!


Danes are renowned for being very respectful of your privacy, and this has often been interpreted as animosity and coldness. However, I have found most Danes to be very friendly and willing to chat or help out (especially after some øl).

Transport system
Copenhagen is home to about 2 million people, within a fairly small area of 85kmh. The buses and trains are punctual and convenient. I can cycle to most places in 15-20 minutes, and am about a 2 hour flight away from most European destinations.

Nightlife & Culture
I’ve found the nightlife and culture in Copenhagen to be very vibrant, with events on every day and night (and some sort of festival every weekend). I’ve had many memorable nights, whilst also being able to experience the unique cultural exhibits that Copenhagen has to offer.


I can’t say I’m much of a foodie, but I’ve found the food to be amazing here. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a variety of food ranging from smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), 3AM kebabs, street food at Papirøen and to also fine dining at a Michelin starred restaurant (but I have to say I’m a big fan of the abundance of kebab shops here).

Tertiary Education System
Established in 1917, CBS is the largest business school in Scandinavia, with approximately 20,000 students. I’ve found the education system to be very different to Australia, with more focus on discussions and self-learning. Practically, none of the lectures nor assignments are compulsory, and the finals are worth 100% (with assessments ranging from written/typed exams, oral exams, and hand-ins). Additionally, CBS has a beautiful campus with some very modern architecture interwoven with classical buildings (just like UTS!)

All in all, I’ve had an amazing experience in the past three weeks, and I can’t wait for what the next 4 – 5 months has to offer! I would recommend anyone who’s thinking about going on exchange to not hesitate and just go!


Steven Kim
Bachelor of Accounting
Copenhagen Business School



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