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My amazing experience in Delft

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I will try my best to capture these amazing last few weeks in a blog post. Currently, I’ve just started my 4th week of exchange after travelling Europe for a month. The first two weeks of being in my new home country consisted purely of social activities organised by the uni for international students to become acquainted with the Dutch culture and meet other international students. These few weeks have been like nothing I’ve ever experienced; I’ve never met so many people in my life. I’ve added people’s numbers on my phone and have no recollection of who were they were, not because I had been drinking (not to say I haven’t had the ‘occasional’ drink), but because of the sheer amount of people I’ve met on a daily basis. I was quite nervous about going to an entirely new country without knowing anybody, but this has not been a problem. You can go out to a bar, club or event without friends and find a bunch of people to hang out with.

I live in a new apartment building called Professor Schermerhornstraat that has just opened six months ago. Anyone planning on coming to Delft I highly recommend staying here. The rooms are fantastic and the building is really social. There is a courtyard where there are people you can meet most nights, and a common room with large flat screen tv’s, couches and tables. I lucked out with my neighbours as they are probably my closest friends here so far, we’ve gone out to see various parts of the Netherlands when we’ve had free time, for example, a few days ago we went to a free dutch air show.

Delft itself has such a unique charm that it is unlike any city I’ve been to. The city has such a cosy vibe; walking around it I’m constantly amazed by how it looks exactly like a fairy tale town. Another cool thing about the city is that it’s so small; anytime you walk around you’re saying hi to familiar faces.

I’ve only had a week of classes so far, but I’m impressed by the quality of education here. They put a big emphasis on learning to grow your knowledge, and you can feel the passion from every professor. The classes are quite heavy with material , but it’s worth it because the professors try hard to make the classes interesting, and it works.



So far this experience has been incredible. Living in an apartment away from anything and anyone I’ve known has paid off big time. Living away from my parents for the first time has been an excellent growth opportunity, and I can feel myself maturing every day that goes by. This experience has been life-changing and I absolutely can’t wait to live out the next five months and see what adventures it brings.

Name: Joseph Hotz

Student ID: 97116925

Degree: Bachelor of Information Technology

Host University: TU Delft

Exchange Country: Netherlands

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