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A lifetime and a half in Copenhagen!

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Exchange in Denmark

After travelling all over Europe for a month while I had an amazing time, I felt so completely ready to settle into my new life in Denmark for the semester! While I knew it was going to be a truly rewarding and eye-opening experience, I was also filled with mixed feelings of trepidation at the thought of, in particular, living away from home for the first time and having to adjust to a completely new culture, language and atmosphere and excitement at the opportunities to meet people from all over the globe.

Why I chose Denmark

Upon first impressions, one might draw quite striking similarities between Copenhagen and Sydney, such as the common love for beer and coffee, however, there have been many more many differences that I wish I could take back home!

Besides being well known for Carlsberg, Hans Christian Andersen, some of the best ice cream in the world and being the home residence, of (our very own) Princess Mary, there are so many other aspects that make Denmark wonderfully unique.

My favourite aspect of Danish culture, so far, has to be “hygge”. While this word isn’t able to be directly translated into English, it encapsulates the feeling of cosiness felt when hanging out with friends and having a good time.

I’ve been able to experience “hygge” so many times, first hand, through the social week held by CBS (Copenhagen Business School) which have included a sightseeing tour, canal tour, lake party dinner with our local Danish buddies and countless opportunities to meet people from all over the world!

So far, this has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I would recommend to anyone considering exchange. I have met so many wonderful people with whom I have shared amazing memories that I will always think fondly upon and I am so excited to continue the rest of my exchange here.

Esther Lim | 99142440 | Bachelor of Information Technology | Copenhagen Business School (CBS) |Denmark


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