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Hong Kong – The perfect blend of vibes

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As I stepped foot off my flight onto the island that is Hong Kong I took it all in.

Looking out I could see a city/ country that wasn’t quite a concrete jungle, rather a juxtaposed image of modernity meets nature. Hong Kong is the perfect blend of east meets west. A mix of cultures and an awesome vibe.

Currently been here for just under 2 weeks and having lived in the dorms for 1 of those I already feel at home. I am amidst my first week of classes at Hong Kong Polytechnic, and have already felt so inspired and driven. I study fashion and textiles at UTS and having access to the facilities and subjects here has been so motivating and uplifting.  Our orientation events and presidents welcome were awesome opportunities to socialize and to get to know the university. The school really knows how to make us feel welcome and at ease. (Oh and the students have some awesome and interesting talents – artistic cycling is one of these!)

One thing I have learned about Hong Kong is the fact that they can fit soooooo much into a very small place! Everything is well connected, getting around is super easy and each area has its quirks and perks. From temples hidden between skyscrapers to street markets filled with anything and everything!

I have been so busy and stimulated by this place that I haven’t felt home sick yet (And I feel like I won’t!).

So far I have been able to explore the various markets here, the amazing array of food and a few of the many temples here.

Even though within the time I have been here I have experienced two typhoons Hong Kong isn’t scaring me away and I look forward to continuing this exchange journey with studying at PolyU as well as traveling around Hong Kong and Asia.

Here’s to the next few months!

CHHAYA NAIK (12591549)




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