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After an amazing 5 weeks travelling around Europe, it has been nice to settle down in Lund, a small university town in the south of Sweden. Almost everything in Lund is centred around the student life which is a really nice change to the busy city of Sydney.

The university has an amazing introduction program for international students, with international mentors taking us all the way from Copenhagen airport (which is just a 40 minute train ride away) to the door steep of our student accommodation (if you were lucky enough to get some!). On that note, student accommodation is quite hard to come by in Lund and isn’t guaranteed so be prepared to be very active in your search for housing to avoid couch surfing for the first month or so.

The 2 week orientation was filled with activities ranging from treasure hunts, hiking and canoe trips, sports days, language cafes, movie nights, music festivals and of course many parties at the student nations. The nations are similar to fraternities and sororities in the US however are a lot less exclusive. Everyone has to choose one to join one, however you can still attend any of the events run by all the other nations. The nations hold events such as brunches, lunches (which are very cheap and save you from cooking), pool parties, sports, quiz nights, games nights, pub nights and club nights.

The first thing ever student does when they arrive in Lund is get a bike! It is by far the best mode of transport, as long as your bike has working brakes and a chain that doesn’t fall off every few rides! Despite my accommodation being 4km from the centre of town, it is only a 10 minute ride to class and within 20 minutes you can reach any part of the town.

So far, after a week of classes (which is only about 6-8 hours of class) the lecturers have been really friendly and helpful. I am doing mainly SAS courses, which are specially for exchange students and include subjects such as Swedish Economic Development and Swedish Society and Everyday Life. For my first course the only assessment is a final paper, which you can resit if you fail!

Feel free to contract me during the semester if you are considering going on exchange to Lund in the future!

Jennifer Grabs (98035153)

Bachelor of Accounting

Lund University, Sweden



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  1. Extremely interested in this exchange experience and the expenses/ experiences involved, would be great if you could email me some of the details so i could look into it further.
    Cheers, James

    • Hi James, if you are a current UTS student interested in the Global Exchange program there’s still time to apply! It is compulsory that students attend our Information Session before they can be sent the application instructions. During this session we will go over all of the info you need to know, including funding. You can register to attend the last Information Session (held on Monday 13th November) here:

      • I’m actually flying overseas 11am that morning for a holiday! I’m super keen to attend and further dicuss the exchange but unfortunately there is no way I will make the last session, is there any other options for me!?

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