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21 Days Till Seoul

IMG_2689The countdown has begun!

It’s finally starting to hit me that I’ve got less than month left before I’ll be heading off to my big adventure! Currently I’m a mix of feeling excited and slightly overwhelmed at the whole idea of living in another country on my own for an extended period of time! But despite the inevitable nervous feelings I already know that this is going to be one of the best experience and decision I’ve ever made!

Fortunately for me, the whole process of preparing for this exchange before my departure date has been very smooth and easy! My acceptance package came very early and I was granted my visa within a week! I was a little stressed will the whole enrolment process for my host university as I was told by a few different people that it was going to be very competitive and not always easy to get in the subjects I’d initially want. However, I made sure that I was very well prepared before the opening of enrolment date, and thankfully I was able to enrol in all my desired subjects in the first 15 minutes! As I need to complete a total of 18cp, that is equivalent to 4 subjects at Sogang University. For my electives I’ve chosen to study one Korean language subject which I feel would help me get around and experience Korea better by learning the basics. I’ll also be doing psychology, sociology and religion and culture subjects which were the options that were most interesting to me and I’m excited to find out what I’ll learn!

In terms of accommodation I’ll being living in on campus in the dorms, which will definitely be a very new and exciting experience also! I’ll be arriving in the country a few days earlier then dormitory check in date so I have some time to roam and explore around! I’m also planning on doing some travelling at the end of my semester and during student vacation in between the study period. Until my leaving date I’ll be doing a lot of planning on places I’d want to visit and also begin on learning some basic Korean reading and writing online which will give me a bit of a head start before I start my semester!

Till my next post!


Jenny (Ngoc Yen) Nguyen


Bachelor of Management in Events and Leisure

Sogang University

South Korea, Republic of

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