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Tales of Singapore – Student Edition

Well, it has been three months since I came to Singapore, alone in this great wilderness. However, I have managed to adapt and enjoy this great city, while studying at Nanyang Technological University. I have gained many new experiences and friends throughout my journey, as I am here to share them with you.

As a person who was always travelled with my family, it was quite daunting to face the world by myself. But, I was blown back by the amazing culture Singapore has, when I landed in the morning. Everything felt same, but different in many ways. The locals were shy but friendly, the environment was clean, and the food was great (and cheap!)

From the airport, Nanyang Technological University, was literally on the opposite side of the island. It took me nearly 2 hours to get to the campus by train and bus (It’s better to take a taxi in many ways, trust me!). Upon arriving, the campus looked amazing, from the facilities to the classrooms, and even the dorms. (As expected of one of the world’s top beautiful campuses!). As a word of advice, it is always best if you have a map of the campus, during the first couple of weeks, was it not your walk in the park, compared to UTS. (I got lost, twice, on the very first day at NTU)

Registration is very fluid, provided you have all the necessary documents required, which were done at the North Spine (The central district of the campus). Settling down into my dorm was quite straightforward. I was allocated to Hall 4, one of the older halls, with half of the building under construction for upgrades, which got a bit noisy during the day. I lived with a local student, we were able to get along due to similar interests.

One of the things to be prepared for Singapore is the weather. If you have lived in tropical regions, like northern Queensland, then I guess it is similar. The weather reports are not very accurate, due to Singapore’s high humidity. Basically, you walk 10 mins outside, and you would be sweating buckets the next, so it is advised to drink plenty of water, and always carry an umbrella.

As for food, Singapore’s wide selection doesn’t get any better. I usually get at the hall canteens, where you can usually get a meal from $3.80 – $6, depending on what you eat. There are also Hawker centres, outside of campus, which are usually open for 24/7, that contains amazing food lie stir-fries and chicken rice, for an affordable price.

Overall, Singapore is a fantastic place to come to, being regarded as the ‘Gateway to Asia’. As an advice, travel as much as you can, usually before or during the mid-term break, as flights are really cheap. There are also many places to visit in Singapore from the natural island of Palau Ubin, to the waterside of Marina Bay, Singapore will be an amazing choice to do exchange!


Jason Ming Zhi Luo


UTS Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

Nanyang Technological University

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