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Olá Lisboa!

When I first arrived in Lisbon I didn’t really have any expectations but it didn’t take me long to realise how incredible the city and exchange life really is. Lisbon is located in central Portugal in the south western part of Europe. This sets it apart from many other cities in Europe as it possesses two things: warm weather and ocean beaches. Also, being one of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon is rich in both culture and history and is also breathtakingly beautiful. Lisbon is also cheaper than many cities in Europe, making it a student’s paradise. It is for all of these reasons that I have fallen in love with the city.

Besides being the number one business school in Portugal, Nova School of Business and Economics offers a range of social events and activities for all students. The orientation week at Nova consisted of a range of optional activities to meet other students and to get a taste of the Lisbon life. These events were a great opportunity to get myself out there and make friends before formal classes started. The orientation week consisted of a welcome gathering with drinks at the university, a Portuguese dinner and night out as well as a trip to the nearby town of Sintra.

Lisbon is a party city. The nightlife in Lisbon is like nothing I have seen anywhere else in the world. A typical night out starts between 11pm and 12am at Bairro Alto. Bairro Alto is a neighbourhood in Lisbon that is known for its many bars and restaurants where patrons spill out onto the street to drink and chat. Unlike in Sydney, this is completely legal. As well as having an incredible atmosphere, it is unbelievably cheap. Half a litre of beer can cost as little as 1.25euros and sangria, shots and cocktails are not too much more. After Bairro Alto closes at 3am, there are several options such as one of the many nightclubs in Lisbon or to another area where the bars are open until later. Besides this, there are countless organised events specifically for exchange students which are always a good opportunity to meet people and have fun with other students and young people.

Going into the exchange I expected to be travelling all over Europe on the weekends and during my time off. However, I soon realised that there were many places in Portugal to visit and have planned to spend my time here exploring them. I have so far visited the medieval town of Obidos as well as the magical town of Sintra home to the stunning Pena Palace. I also have plans to travel to the north of Portugal, the south as well as the islands of the Azores and Madeira. I also spent the month before exchange traveling and will do the same after my exchange until I need to go back to UTS.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lisbon as a city to study in. With its warm temperatures, low costs, awesome nightlife and overall amazing culture, it is the perfect location for a semester abroad. I have had the absolute time of my life so far and can’t wait for the months ahead as the best is yet to come.

Claudia 11981875

Bachelor of Business

Nova School of Business and Economics






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