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TOKYO, Japan


  1. Download the App ‘JapanTravel’ to help you with train lines
  2. Download the App ‘LINE’ and verify with your number BEFORE coming to Japan. Everyone I have met in Japan uses LINE and it is the primary form of communication for us University Students
  3. There are sim cards with data usage only options that are no lock in contract, no cancellation fees, month to month payment – be careful when you go to the major tech stores (BIC Camera, Yodobashi) if you don’t speak Japanese as they may opt to sell you ‘tourist’ or prepaid options which are significantly more expensive. If you can make friends with someone who is fluent in Japanese and take them with you it’s a lot easier (you’ll also need a credit card to sign up, there are debit card options but they’re very limited)
  4. Meiji University Izumi International House is 100 100 100 an amazing dormitory in an incredibly convenient location in the heart of Tokyo – I would recommend it to anyone considering attending Meiji University
  5. Having an IC Card, which can be bought at any station is cheaper & easier than paper tickets
  6. At Izumi International House all amenities and no towels are provided. I found that bringing old towels from home that you’d be ok with throwing out when you leave instead of spending unnecessary money is efficient (bath mat, hand towel, face towel, bath towel)
  7. There’s a gym at Izumi Campus for Meiji University students to use freely, only catch is we are required to arrive here about 3.5 weeks before semester starts and we can only start using it once we are issued our student IDs which isn’t for a while. The Gold’s Gym in Harajuku (Meijijingu-mae is the closest station) offers a 2 week trial pass to get you through until then if you’re an avid gym goer like me, but it’ll set you back about $70AUD

Hopefully that helps a bit…

Yuki, 11408061, B Business, Meiji University

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