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Started from the bottom (of the world) now we’re here

Ryerson University, a technical focused institution in the heart of downtown Toronto, just down the road from the prestigious University of Toronto. It has a whole bunch of brutalist style buildings sitting next to super modern fancy looking building, and the internet occasionally doesn’t work. Sound familiar?


That’s right, I am at the UTS of Toronto and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not going to lie, the cold hasn’t been easy; but I’ve adjusted and now anything above 3 degrees is considered a warm day. The people really are as polite and say sorry as much as you think, and hockey is really more a religion than a sport, but it’s exciting so just go with it.

If you’re worried about making friends, don’t be. Exchange students are all in this together and you’ll probably end up with more international friends than locals! But that’s great because you’ll end up with places to stay all around the world. In fact, I’ve become friends with someone who lives in Toronto that my sister met on exchange in Ireland; what a small world!

On my wall I have this map of downtown Toronto, and I’m marking everywhere I’ve walking in pen. It’s a really useful tool to see where you’ve been and explored thoroughly, and where you need to go. I think I’m going to get one for Sydney and see how complete I can get in four months; the same amount of time as I’m here.


I have to say that my life motto for the next portion of my life is going to be “live life like an exchange student (but don’t budget like one)”. Its like “live every day as if it was your last” but less fatalistic and more exploratory. I’ve just booked a train from Chicago to New Orleans and I’m about to organise a trip backpacking through Central America!

I’ll admit, being a film student has its perks. The amount of times I’ve borrowed cameras to use for my personal shooting is probably too high (I hope they don’t read this before I leave). Whoops.

Mitchell, 98033347, Communications (MAP), Ryerson University

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